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My journey: What do you get when you love math, fine art and psychology? You get my view of trading. Trading is the intersecting point of all I love. Seeing visual representation of human behaviour that is measured in numbers and stats. Stop there, you got me already.

I have graduated in Finance from a top UK University about 14 years ago. I have studied in depth both technical and fundamental schools of thought. Since then, finance has become my language. Leading me to experience life in a Wealth Management Funds and building me to become a Chief Financial Officer of international companies.

I have been mentored by some of the greatest traders out there and participated in the most exclusive trading communities, so in short I am very much aware how to give you guys a good service :)

By living and breathing the life of a full-time trader I found another passion. The passion to share with others. For years I have helped a versatile range of people to get the “trading bug”. I have had students from complete beginners to teaching investment bankers. Leveraging on thousands of hours of trading classes and thousands of trading books, I have been successful at significantly accelerating their learning cure.

My mission: Be the north star for the curious, elevate your trading knowledge, and get you closer to financial freedom!

My style: US equities & crypto, swing & position trader. Sometimes, I use options but it is not my go-to weapon of choice. Trading influencer, mentors include: Mark Minervini, William O'Neill, Dr. Van Tharp, Gil Morales, Jim Roppel, John Carter the whole IBD gang, Oliver Kell, Matt Caruso, Dan Zanger, Mark Ritchie II and so many more :)

Here are 3 services I offer:

1 - Educational Articles (FREE for now)

Once a week (not a promise :)) I will be adding educational articles and posts that will benefit new, intermediate and advanced traders. I will keep this space very much like a personal diary and love sharing various pictures, historical charts, explanations from books and anything I stumble upon - following the famous proverb:

Learning is a journey, not a destination.


2 - Boom Discord Community (from $5-$100/mo)

✅ Community with like -minded people on trading topics (equities and crypto)

✅ Alert service (Weekly watchlist, Daily Alerts, PL tracker)

✅ Analysis service (Sunday weekend videos, Daily market action analysis, Weekly calendar with important events and earnings announcements)

✅ 3 Analysts who share how they manage their portfolios and alert in real time their trades

✅ Advanced tools like Scanners, Quant analysis, Price-action Overwatch and more

✅ The Classroom - where we offer premium videos and education on important topics to shorten your learning curve.


3 - Premium Indicators and Courses

I also have developed a bunch of premium indicators that are synced with my methodology and the lessons in this newsletter. Find my indicators website here:

TradingView Indicators

Also, I am developing a bunch of courses that can be used to bring extra edge to your trading. These are excellent companion to the indicators and have been received amazing feedback from the community. Find my courses website here:

Trading Courses

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